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Gentlemen In D-Stress Survival Kit Tin

Gentlemen In D-Stress Survival Kit Tin

Model: 064323209144

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  • Just what every guy needs in an emergency
  • Little kit contains over 24 items
  • All contained in a mini tin
  • Easily fits in your pocket or bag


Gentleman D-Stress Everyday Survival Kit Tin

All the little tools you could need in an everyday emergency all inside this smart mini tin.
This clever little tin contains over 24 items, almost everything that guy could possibly need in an emergency
Set Includes:
1 x Toothbrush & Toothpaste, 1 x Stain Remover Wipe, 1 x Deodorant Wipe, 2 x Tissues, 2 x Plaster, 1 x Glasses Cleaning Cloth,
1 x Shoe Horn, 1 x Bottle Opener, 1 x Sewing Kit, 1 x Collapsible Comb, 1 x Nail Clippers, 1 x Cotton Pad, 4 x Cotton Buds,
1 x Nail File, 1 x Sandpaper (for the sole of the shoe), 2 x Sets of Shirt Collar Stays
Pouch dimensions: 13 x 9.5 x 5 cm

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