Potters Crouch Premium Tin Candle - New Baby Boy


In stock

In Stock
  • Fragranced Candle in a Tin
  • Fragrance: Baby Powder
  • Burning Time: 45-50 hours
  • Made from the purest of wax & finest quality fragrance
  • Vegan friendly and cruelty free


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  • Description

    Potters Crouch Scented Candle – Happy Snuggling!

    Fragrance: Baby Powder

    Nothing beats a snuggle with a new baby. This fragrance is the next best thing with its sweet & comforting aroma.

    Burn Time: 45-50 hours


  • Boring Stuff
    • Burn Time: 45-50 hours
    • Candle Net Weight: 250g (Approx.)
    • Tin Dimensions: 6.2cm H x 7.8cm Dia

    Care Instructions:

    To ensure your candle burns evenly all the way down please burn for 4 hours on the first burn until you have a nice wide melt pool.

    It is recommended you burn your candle for no longer than 4 hours at a time allowing wax to cool and reset before relighting.

    Please follow all safety instructions on the product label and retain for future reference.

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